Why E-Bikes Might be the Perfect Addition to Your Next Cycling Adventure…

Victoria Barker


E – Bikes, or electric bikes, are fast becoming the quickest growing market in cycling, and one of the fastest growing trends in fitness. An e – bike is a bicycle with integrated electric motor which assists with propulsion especially on tougher/ uphill sections.








Unlike motorcycles, e- bikes can still be pedalled, and so still offer a fantastic form of exercise to users. In fact, on low or economy power settings, which require more human effort, you can still burn up to 390 calories per hour on an e- bike. E- bikes have also been shown to increase the activity levels and overall calorie expenditure of users across 7 European countries studied. This is because they enable their users to take on longer journeys, and cycle more days without a prolonged rest.

We, at Freewheel Holidays, see this as a fantastic opportunity, and one not to be missed. E – bikes, in our opinion, are the perfect tool, to allow you to ride more, and experience more of the unforgettable sights of Europe, on our incredible range of tours.


Also, unlike a motorbike, e-bikes fall into the same vehicle category as any other pedal cycle, so you do not require a licence to ride one. Although we do recommend that you check local laws /regulations before heading out on an e -bike adventure, you can rest assured that you will be fine to ride an e – bike on any Freewheel holiday that offers the service.

One of the other great advantages of an e -bike is that, as e- bikes are carbon emission free, they are exempt from VED. Unlike electric cars, e-bikes also do not require specialist charging stations. They can be charged from any household mains power socket. You could even charge up on a mid-ride café stop – with permission of course!


If you are recovering from injury, just getting back into fitness, want to ride longer or tougher routes, or simply want to continue riding (especially longer rides or rides with some challenging climbs) as you get older, e-bikes can help you find your perfect route to a happier, healthier, and more active you!

Talking of routes… all of our tours now have e-bikes available so if you’re looking for the perfect place to start your e-bike adventure, take your pick. You might be surprised where an e-bike can take you!




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