Tour De France Cycling Holidays!

Victoria Barker


The Tour De France is the creme de la creme of the pro cycling world. The most globally famous of all cycling races, the Tour De France has the power to make or break the career of countless pro cyclists seeking fame, glory and recognition from their cycling peers.


Cycling enthusiasts and fans from all over the world watch along at home on their television screens. Some even make the journey to the route itself, so they can cheer on their favourite pro cyclists in person. Now that’s passion!


But one thing a lot of amateur cyclists might not know is that the actual Tour De France route itself is available for anyone to ride, not just the pros…

That includes YOU!!


Have you always wanted to test yourself against the most famous cycling routes of them all? Do you want to cycle your way through the same routes your cycling heroes from years past have conquered? Or maybe you just want to go a little further afield and try something a little different… Well, now you can!


Freewheel Holidays is currently offering several different cycling holiday packages that will let you roam the iconic routes of the Tour De France.


Not only this, but you’ll also be able to soak up all the cultural and historical insights the beautiful country of France has to offer. We’re talking about rolling hills, stunning architecture and, or course, some of the best food and drink you’ll ever get to taste.


On top of all this, in 2021 we’re also bringing you the ultimate Tour De France spectator experience!


Spend your week leisurely cycling the exceptional routes of France, before taking your place as a spectator for the world’s most famous cycling race!


You’ll be able to see the arrival of the team buses and the cycling stars as they warm up for what could be the biggest race of their lives.


Or, if this isn’t enough for you, you can even spend the day following all the action in an official Tour De France race car. It’s entirely up to you!


This is your chance to be at the very best Hospitality or VIP Tour De France experience money can buy.


So if you’ve always wanted to experience the magic The Tour De France has to offer in person, Freewheel Holidays is the place to be!

If you’d like to take a look at the Tour De France packages we have on offer, hit this link now!



Are you ready?

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