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Our holidays suit all, from keen cyclists to weekend riders. Thanks to our worldwide cycling destinations, you will be able to get out on two wheels all year-round in various countries where you will be able to swap grey skies for blue. So why not grab yourself some sunshine, boost your vitamin D levels and head off on a cycling holiday?


We have put a calendar of events together that will provide you with some inspiration of what you can expect on your holiday, and when the best time to jet off is. Now’s your chance to travel further than you can by foot and be part of a memorable and exciting two-wheel journey with us…


January – Cuba – Dry season is in full swing in January and cycling through Cuba gives you unique access to parts of the island that are off the beaten track. Cuba is perfect to cycle through as it gives you the chance to get closer to the land and people in Cuba, taking things at your own pace. Out of the cities, few people drive cars in Cuba, so you’ll often find yourself on a completely empty stretch of road, perhaps between a mountain range and the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.


February – Australia & New Zealand – Even though summer is in full swing down under, February is generally slightly cooler and makes getting out on your two wheels so much more enjoyable. Cycling in Australia and New Zealand combines, world class food & wine destinations, freedom and a fantastic challenge that will quench your thirst for the outdoors.


March – Portugal – The scenic routes in Portugal are breath taking and the spring sun makes it the perfect time to get cycling around this country. Portugal is one of our favourite places to travel to as it’s only a short flight from most cities in Europe and has many quiet roads that are ideal to cycle on.


April – The Netherlands & Belgium – The Netherlands and Belgium are intrinsically linked with cycling and waterways, so what better way to explore these beautiful areas than with a mixture of both? April is usually the driest month of the year which makes it the perfect time of year for cycling. Make the most of the flat and fast cycling paths, followed by a trip to one of the many museums these two countries have to offer and enjoy a cold beer.


May – France & North America – May is a great time to visit France for the start of the European summer. Soak in the sights and warm sundown on the Riviera. Alternatively, you could travel to North America with our guided trips in the USA and Canada. From vast landscapes and rugged towns, this is an ideal time of the year to visit!


June – Austria – Cycling has become one of the most popular ways to experience Austria’s countryside, small towns and cities. June marks the start of Summer and is a great time to make the most of the country’s famous cycle paths with the Danube River as it offers dry and sunny days. The weather is ideal for cycling as the temperature is warm but not overpowering while exercising.


July – Denmark & Sweden – During July the days are sunny and long in Denmark, home of the most liveable city and bike capital of the world, and in Sweden. The temperature is warm, and the air is dry during the day and mild in the evening, making it the perfect time to travel. Scandinavia was one of our most popular destinations to travel in 2022 and we’re sure it will continue in 2023.


August – Slovenia – Welcome to the sunny side of the Alps! The dynamic landscapes of Slovenia, with their countless natural beauties, are ideal for a biking holiday. Although August is a great time to cycle, you can go biking in Slovenia almost all year round due to the influence of the Mediterranean climate.


September – Germany & Italy – Germany and Italy both boast a cycle-friendly culture. The crowds from the summer period have left and September is the perfect time for you to get out on your saddle and see the many sights this country has to offer. If you are planning to go away in September look no further.


October – Spain – Spain is the second most toured country in the world and October gives you a great taste of warmer climates in Europe. Cycling is an uncomplicated, convenient way to tour Spain’s unique history, with countless monuments, ruins, castles, and cathedrals. Spain boasts the second most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world.


November – Vietnam – November is one of the best times to visit Vietnam as the days are warm and dry making is ideal for cycling. Vietnam has a lot to offer, and handlebar height gives you the best view of Vietnam! Our cycling tours through this mesmerising country provides opportunities to meet the locals and experience their culture in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. Immerse yourself in the culture and possibly tag along to a neighbouring country like Cambodia or Thailand!


December – Sri Lanka & Morocco – Discover a world of spice and splendour on a two-wheeled trip across Sri Lanka and Morocco. Days are usually hot with balmy evenings, so cyclists should pack light and cool clothing.  Experience the unique culture, green valleys, impressive gorges, and long sandy beaches as you ride along smooth roads.


Need more inspiration?

If you’re finding it difficult to choose an active holiday full of cycling and sightseeing, then you’ve come to the right place. We have so many inspiring real stories and blogs that will get you on your two wheels in the sunshine this year.

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