Autumn Holidays in Majorca

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For many, a Summer cycling holiday is the perfect chance to escape what could potentially be a typical wet and dreary British Summer, to explore some sunnier and warmer shores!

But given things aren’t exactly “back to normal” when it comes to international travel yet, many people are looking beyond the Summer and hoping for an Autumn escape. Thankfully, there should still be plenty of amazing cycling holidays to go around in the Autumn season, too!

And what better place to ride than the sensational sandy beaches and classic paths of Majorca? A glorious climate virtually year round, no wonder Majorca serves as such an iconic holiday destination for so many Brits every year. As it turns out, it’s pretty exceptional for cycling holidays as well.

So if you’re considering a cycling holiday in Majorca later this year, when hopefully we’re all in a better travel position, let Freewheel take you there! Here are just a few examples of our stellar cycling holidays in Majorca.


Loop of Majorca

As we discussed earlier, there’s so much more to the Isle of Majorca than simply being a “holiday destination.” True, the sun and sand make for an amazing spot to relax and unwind, but that’s not all that’s on offer…

Our Loop of Majorca Cycling Holiday is perfect for those of you wanting to discover the more traditional side of Majorcan and Spanish culture. Home to so many classic and unspoiled villages, you’ll get to ride your way through steep cliffs, tranquil bays and the larger than life Spanish countryside.

This route quite literally is a loop! You’ll get to ride around the magnificent coastal edges of the island, sampling all the wondrous ocean views that come along with it.

On top of this, there’s also the wide array of Spanish architecture you’ll get to explore in these classic Majorcan villages, many of which have been traditional fishing villages for hundreds of years. Giving you a real taste of Spanish and European history. On the other hand…


Majorca Bull’s Eye

Unlike our Loop of Majorca tour, the Majorca Bulls Eye cycling holiday will allow you to explore both the coastal sides of the island, as well as taking you through the more central region, forming a figurative “bull’s eye” on your route!

The pearl town of Manacor is always a highlight for cyclists on this self-guided trip, famed for its manufacture of shiny pearls!

Then, of course, there’s the mystical dragon caves of Porto Cristo, where you can marvel at the astounding work nature has produced over centuries of natural design.

But this doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on the more traditional side of Majorca. You’ll still be able to cycle through inviting countrysides and picturesque vineyards the island is famous for.

If you want to really immerse yourself in everything this historical island has to offer, either one of these beautiful cycling holidays will surely blow you away.

Want to find out more? Head to or give us a call on 0161 703 8161 and our experienced cycling holiday team will be happy to talk you through everything, before we get you booked on the Majorca cycling holiday of your dreams!


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